Krakow City Council said “Yes” to the future of literature and reading

Sala Obrad Rady Miasta Krakowa, fot. Paweł Krawczyk

On 9 July the Krakow City Council ratified the project for the Conrad Award and ordered the development of a programme to support the cultural activities of bookshops. The adopted resolution committed the Mayor of Krakow to creating an open call for projects and activity to be financed. This is the first such resolution in Poland. In addition, the resolution also broadened the type of bookstores able to apply for preferential rent in city-owned properties. Until now, it only was available to bookstores that sold books exclusively. The City Council decided that bookshop-cafés will also be entitled and could rent property at 1/3 of the market rate.

The Council set up the Conrad Award, the first Polish literary award for emerging writers. The uniqueness of this award lies in its holistic approach. The award aims to encourage publishers to put out the works of new authors and enrich the publishing market with fresh talent.

The City Council also debated on the resolution to support the work on the Law on the Fixed Priced of Books. The discussion was part of a nationwide debate on an important project, whose eventual adoption, however, was postponed for the next term of the Senate. Modelled on the successful experiences of Germany, France and most European countries, the law obliges publishers to establish a fixed price for a period of one year that would be binding for all sales channels, from large chains to small bookstore, supermarkets and online retailers.