City of Literature at the Jewish Culture Festival

For the first time in the history of the Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow Festival Office prepared a diverse programme of literary events for all festival participants, who were invited to events with the most interesting and popular Polish writers, like Filip Springer, Marcin Wicha, Wojciech Bonowicz and Dominika Słowik. The youngest audiences took part in special classes for kids, and seniors had the chance to enjoy workshops that encouraged them to start  their own adventure with writing. A special literary walk in the Kazimierz was also organised, during which we looked into the district’s most literary corners. The programme was prepared by the Krakow Festival Office and carried out in cooperation with the Literackie, Znak and Znak Emoticon and Karakter publishing houses and the Villa Decius Association.

During the festival we inaugurated the installment of the City Codes project devoted to Kazimierz, presenting 20 places and people associated with the literary and historical identity of the district, such as, Rabbi Moses Isserles called Remu, the most famous Jewish scholar from Poland, Miriam Akavia, Israeli-Krakow writer, translator, former president of the Society of Polish-Israeli Friendship, and Professor Julian Aleksandrowicz, a doctor, a philosopher of medicine, a great humanist, visionary and pioneer in many fields of research. Throughout the duration of the festival, a special reading room, filled with 700 books submitted by publishers from all over the country, was waiting for audiences and readers.


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