Read Local

Matras, Fot. Kamila Zarembska

To support local readership, we organised a citywide campaign promoting bookstores as important cultural centres and third spaces. In consultation with booksellers, we prepared a special bag designed by Przemek Dębowski, an outstanding designer of graphic and book covers. It is a gift that readers can receive if they purchase at least three books in one of the 34 bookstores participating in the action. The bags were met with great interest, all 2,500 were distributed like wildfire.

We also prepared a series of interviews with the owners, employees and exceptional regulars of Krakow’s bookshops, including De Revolutionibus, Bonobo, Massolit, Pod Globusem, Lokator, Ha!art, Matras, and Rara Avis. In the interview, Tomasz Pindel, Mateusz Pakuła, Zośka Papużanka, Ziemowit Szczerek, Wojciech Bonowicz, Prof. Aleksander Krawczuk, among others, discussed what makes these places so special.