Children’s Literature Festival

The Children’s Literature Festival is one of the most interesting and the largest scale literary initiatives for the youngest readers. The main concept behind the festival is to develop active contact between children and quality literature, which is also an opportunity for children’s literature to be injected into social space. The festival consists of a series of events, discussions, workshops, literary walks, games, film screenings, city games and competitions, which are held in several Polish cities, including Krakow. As invited guests, authors and celebrities read the most engaging and valuable children’s books to the youngest audiences. Since the 2015 edition, the plebiscite for Poland’s Best Books for Children is decided. The first was won by the book The Deuce and Others by Agnieszka Taborska, with illustrations by Lech Majewski

Krakow was the first city on the map of this year’s festival (apart from the City of Literature, there were also Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk) and hosted the ceremonial inauguration. For 22 days, and more than 100 events, young participants got to experience literature through different ways. During the festival events, issues of cultural diversity, tolerance, understanding between generations were raised with the children. In 2015 the festival took place as part of the Miłosz Festival.

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