International Book Fair in Krakow

It was the 19th edition of the most important book fair in the country. During this four-day event, approximately 68000 visitors met with their favourite authors. At the fair, there were nearly 700 exhibitors from 27 countries. The Book Fair is important in the context of the industry meetings it organises; this year they were devoted to the topic of a national resolution on the fixed price of books and the national database of bookstores, organised by the Polish Chamber of Books.

During the Book Fair Gala the winner of the 18th Jan Długosz Prize Competition was announced; the prize promotes and rewards the work of those who have made a significant contribution to the development of science and culture, in the field of humanities. The winner receives a financial prize and a statuette carved by Prof. Bronisław Chromy. The award was received by Prof. Michał Głowiński. For the first time at the Fair, a Literary Salon was created as well as a Comics Salon. An event for literary bloggers was also organised, during which the award for the Literary Blog of the Year 2015 was granted. Olga Kowalska, author of the blog ”Big Buk”, was the winner.