City council resolutions for booksellers

Programme for protected industries

In 2009, the Krakow City Council adopted a programme for protected industries, which included bookshops, provided that the only form of their business is the sale of books. On 8 July 2015, thanks to the actions of the Krakow Festival Office and others, the Council updated the resolution, adding provisions beneficial for the development of bookstores, including giving the right to preferential rental rates, even 1/3 of the market price, to bookshops-cafés conducting cultural activities.

Programme to support cultural activities in bookshops

In parallel, we inspired and jointly prepared with the City of Kraków’s Department of Culture a grant competition for foundations and NGOs, which would help to finance cultural projects (e.g. author events, workshops) that take place in bookshops. Bookstores operating as foundations (e.g. De Revolutionibus or soon Massolit) will also be able to apply for the grant, as well as other foundations. Booksellers may, for example, set up a common foundation and seek funds for joint projects in various bookstores.