Crowdfunding campaign: ”Kacper Ryx and the King of Beggars”

"Kacper Ryx i Król Żebraków"

Kacper Ryx is a character created by Mariusz Wollny, based on stories about the 16th-century student of the Krakow Academy, who solves crime mysteries and experiences exciting adventures in Krakow. On 15 November the crowdfunding campaign ”Kacper Ryx and the King of Beggars” ended with great success. Using the platform, the campaign collected money for the release of a strategy board game based on the character. In the game, players take on gangs who fight for dominance in Renaissance Krakow, hoping to win the title of King of Beggars. This time, Kacper Ryx appears as an opponent of the player, making it difficult to win.

The organisers of the campaign not only raised money for the creation of the game board, but also crossed two additional thresholds, collecting almost 40,000 PLN. The game was supported by nearly 400 people, which shows great interest in the Kacper Ryx character.